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Supporting the retail industry with in-store technology solutions

Retail solutions and technologies are key to your businesses efficiency, it's important the right tech is in place across your retail estate, and is capable of serving your customers. 


Using emerging technologies in retail

In today’s retail environment, multiple payment options are key to providing a quality service to different shoppers. Retail customers’ have varying preferences for making payments in your store with some preferring mobile payments, chip & pin, whilst others may simply prefer paying in cash.

Retail technology is constantly developing and the importance of a personalised experience is key to a successful retail operation. Emerging technologies in retail support personalised customer experiences that drive success.

Embrace retail technology & deliver the customer experience

In today’s fast-paced retail environment, the need to meet and exceed customer expectations is crucial to staying ahead of the competition. Being able to accept all forms and methods of payment can be the difference between a sale and a customer walking out of your store. Innovative retail technology is enabling retailers to exceed customer expectations.

Retailers that invest in the latest retail technology are the ones more likely to retain key customers and deliver a better experience.

Retail traffic counting solutions

Traffic counting reports on the number of customers entering and exiting your retail store on a given day, by the hour. Retailers often use data derived from a retail traffic counter to measure the effectiveness of their promotional and in-store marketing campaigns.

Measuring traffic is a valuable way of measuring but also improving the marketing effectiveness of promotions by counting and reporting the number of customers increasing over a given period.

Back of house technology for retail

The reliability of your back of house cab including your servers is crucial to your store trading successfully.

The right IT infrastructure solutions based around:

  • Desktop
  • Laptops & PC’s
  • Servers
  • Storage
  • Networking technologies

All underpin the communication from head office to your individual store locations.  

We can assist you with the full back-office product set - with competitive pricing, installation services and back-office solution design.

Digital signage

Digital screens allow any retailer to easily showcase their products, services and promotional content, helping your store stand out. Digital signage is growing in popularity and more stores are using the technology to directly engage with their customers. Digital signage can help your store increase sales and improve the customer’s buying experience.

RFID Retail Tech

Retail business owners can use remote scanners to read RFID tags placed on individual products either on the shop floor or in the warehouse, enabling them to record a variety of information, including quantities of various stock items and their precise locations.

This technology enhances your visibility and security meaning that you benefit your customer’s in-store experience and improve operational efficiency.

We can cost-effectively source the latest RFID scanner and printing technology from our leading partners and install RFID technology across your retail stores.

KFP Procurement benefits to your Retail Business

  • We communicate directly with many industry leading manufacturers getting the most up-to-date hardware at the best prices
  • Access to 25,000+ IT products
  • Specialist POS and Retail function
  • Work with multiple vendors to determine the best offers for our clients and evaluate the pros and cons of each – based on price, quality & availability
  • Supply of replacement parts
  • HP Partner First - Retail Specialist
  • Ability to offer a single supply chain

Supporting you Retail Store Technology Solutions

As experts in retail we offer a range of additional technology in-store as part of our implementation services.

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