5 Reasons Why You Should Invest In The Latest POS Systems

KFP Blog - May 14, 2019
A modern, reliable and robust POS system is more than just keeping up with the times or following a trend, but more about delivering a great service in-store.
  1. Financial security and efficient transactions
A secure, reliable and durable Point of Sale (POS) device is the key to being able to take high volume, high-value transactions efficiently from your retail customers in-store. Tough market conditions have forced retailers' to compete heavily on price, quality and service levels, but one thing that is a necessity to both retailers' and customers' is the security of payment information.
  1. Reduces checkout times and improves efficiency
Reducing customer waiting times in-store is one of the most important factors when considering the implementation of new retail technology. Waiting times cost retail and hospitality businesses 3.4 billion in lost revenue, simply because of customers' leave frustrated. Reducing waiting times in store is the single biggest factor for investing in new, reliable and durable POS hardware, capable of delivering an efficient service before the busy peak period. We can help you keep those dreaded and painfully long checkout queues as short as possible. Should your device (s) fail, you can also rely on our leading helpdesk support team to provide technical support, to get you back online. Find out more.
  1. Inventory tracking benefits
Along with keeping an accurate and real-time record of your customers’ financial transactions, the modern POS terminal can provide real-time tracking of inventory. This means that you have a better understanding of your stock control and can identify those high selling items, efficiently track and replenish stock maintaining customer satisfaction on the shop floor. Inventory tracking from your POS terminal is far more accurate and convenient than manual inventory tracking.
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  1. Multiple software Compatibility and payment software integration such as Apple pay and PayPal
In order to be effective, POS systems must be integrated with other applications within your retail organisation. The POS device portfolio from us is able to cater to Android and traditional windows operating systems ensuring thorough compatibility. As well as providing a full range of POS technology, we can rollout the latest registers, debit and credit card devices, mobile or tablet POS systems and the peripherals across your retail estate.
  1. Easy setup and use
We partner with the two of the best providers in the business. Today’s POS devices from the Toshiba and HP portfolio are designed to be easy to operate, with touch screen capabilities and large, easily-readable text, all designed for the customer in mind. The real benefits to your business are that it reduces the training required to operate the POS terminal across your stores. Easy to use POS devices are essential to reducing costly transaction mistakes and improving efficiency for each and every customer.
With the retail peak looming ever closer, don’t wait until your busy trading period to rollout the latest POS technology. Get in early and speak with one of the team today. Email us at hello@kfpit.com or call us on +44 (0) 1235 539101.