CISCO MERAKI: Technology For The Stores of Tomorrow

KFP Blog - September 01, 2020

Being open for business isn’t simply flipping the door hanger from Closed to Open. As a retailer, you face challenges to provide the best experience for your customers (and employees), increase productivity, limit security threats both virtually and physically.

#Challenge = A robust wireless system that is capable of running smooth IT and in-store operations.
#Solution = Cisco Meraki's retail wireless solution turns shopping into an experience for each of your customers by embracing digital transformation through Meraki’s cloud-managed IT platform and API integrations.
Cisco Meraki are the leaders in wireless solutions for retail and hospitality and as a certified Cisco partner, we are able to provide the full procurement, installation, and IT support for your entire retail estate. A Cisco Meraki solution can deliver location-based engagements and engage your shoppers to stop, shop, and buy with a seamless and secure experience; from online to a re-defined in-store experience.
We believe in giving you the solution that will empower your employees and give them the tools they need to deliver an outstanding service.

Three benefits of Cisco Meraki for improving your in-store experience 

With Cisco Meraki, you can modernise the in-store experience and create valuable experiences for your customers both online and in-store with:

  • Leveraging computer vision and machine learning technology in the Meraki MV smart cameras for person counting and detection.
  • Utilize heat-mapping and location analytics to understand the customer journey within a store.
  • Optimize iBeacon proximity marketing with built-in Bluetooth Low Energy (BLE) beacon technology in the MR access points.

Valuable resources for you to learn about the Cisco Meraki Solution 

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