Enable Social Distancing To Protect Operators And Customers In Proximity POS Environments

KFP Blog - April 23, 2020
Providing a safe working and purchasing environment should provide peace of mind for all, should enable social distancing, and demonstrate to customer and employee alike that your store takes their wellbeing very seriously.
Our partners, Ergonomic Solutions who are the creators of the SpacePole range of technology mounting solutions, are offering the SafeGuard Screen and safe mounting technology - a low cost and simple to install acrylic screen and ergonomic design which creates a protective barrier for everyone at the point of sale.
The screen can easily retrofit to existing SpacePole installations or complement existing hardware without taking up any transactional space either in the packing or payment areas.
SafeGuard screens are perfect for all types of food and non-food retail as well as hospitality and healthcare applications.
It is an unobtrusive solution, which does not affect the current operator/customer interface. For example, the customer display can be on the customer side of the screen and likewise, the payment terminal and loyalty scanner.
As with all SpacePole products, the screen can be customised to fit your requirements, as part of an existing or new installation.
Cleanliness is paramount and the acrylic surface can be easily cleaned and disinfected with wipes or bleach without causing any damage or degradation to the surface.
• Social distancing in hospitality and retail
• High footfall POS environments
• Close proximity checkout lanes
• Curved screen provides excellent protection for operator and customer
• Design provides for easy customer access to the payment terminal
• Screen position can be adjusted to suit preferred working height thanks to VESA mounting
• Increased customer confidence in the POS transaction environment
• Simple design minimises installation overhead
• Minimal disruption to retail operations and the customer experience
• SafeGuard solutions to fit a variety of existing SpacePole solution configurations
• Meets customer hygiene expectations as well as protection for store operators
Alongside our partners Ergonomic Solution, we want to support retail and hospitality staff with safeguard screens protecting them against COVID-19.
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