Enhancing Pharmacy Connectivity with Cradlepoint

KFP Blog - February 26, 2024

Pharmacies are playing an increasingly crucial role in providing essential services to the community. Due to the time-critical, ever-evolving, and fast-paced nature of the healthcare industry, they rely on uninterrupted connectivity to fulfil their responsibilities effectively. However, outdated connectivity offerings are causing reliability issues. Cradlepoint’s LTE and 5G solutions are designed to limit that downtime, allowing for a seamless customer experience.

The Need for Reliable Connectivity

More than ever, pharmacies are reliant on digital systems for various operations, including the Electronic Prescription Service (EPC), Patient Medication Record (PMR) systems, inventory management, and dispensing, to name a few. Any break in connectivity can lead to delays in service delivery, threatening patient care and satisfaction. It is equally important to choose a solution that is secure and reliable, due to the exacting data security regulations pharmacies are required to adhere to.

Cradlepoint: Secure and Always Connected

Leveraging LTE and 5G technology, Cradlepoint offers an alternative to traditional N3 lines. With Cradlepoint, pharmacies can enjoy uninterrupted connectivity, even in remote or underserved areas where traditional wired connections may not be reliable, or available at all. By making use of the speed and reliability of cellular networks, Cradlepoint solutions ensure that pharmacies are always online, allowing them to deliver quality services to patients.

Comprehensive Support Packages

At KFP, we offer a range of support packages tailored to meet the unique needs of each individual pharmacy. On the rare occasion that on-site support is required, our Europe-wide team of skilled engineers ensures prompt resolution of any connectivity issues, minimising downtime and disruption to pharmacy operations. Whether you're a small independent pharmacy or part of a large chain, our dedicated support team is here to assist you every step of the way.

Proactive Hardware Monitoring

Cradlepoint NetCloud Manager is designed to detect and address hardware issues before they impact operations. Through advanced monitoring tools and predictive analytics, we can identify potential issues in real time and take proactive measures to resolve them. This proactive approach not only minimises downtime but also ensures optimal performance and reliability of your Cradlepoint solution.


In an era where connectivity is essential for delivering high-quality healthcare services, pharmacies need a reliable and secure solution they can trust. Cradlepoint offers precisely that – a secure equivalent to traditional N3 lines, powered by LTE and 5G technology, to ensure pharmacies are always online.

With comprehensive support packages and proactive hardware monitoring, KFP and Cradlepoint are committed to empowering pharmacies to focus on what matters most – providing exceptional care to their patients.

Choose KFP and Cradlepoint and experience the future of pharmacy connectivity today.

KFP is a Cradlepoint Elite Partner and National Pharmacy Association Trusted Partner. Contact us by email (sales@kfpit.com) or by phone (+44 (0) 1235 539101) to discuss your needs and find out more.