Facial Recognition Technology: How The Latest Technology Can Save You Time And Money

KFP Blog - September 14, 2020
The added pressures of re-opening a business and operating safely within the guidelines of governmental rules and restrictions have specifically affected operational capacity within the retail and hospitality industry.
KFP, who have served in the retail and hospitality industry for over 20 years, want to help.
Working with our partners Hikvision, (who are the market leaders in CCTV and facial recognition solutions), we can support you if you’re looking to operate within government guidelines, reduce operational costs, and improve the customer experience.
The facial recognition technology can act as secure access control or used as an integrated temperature screening function. This leading technology supports plug & play, rapid deployment, is quick to install, and simple to configure.
There are multiple ways in which the Hikvision facial recognition technology can support your business:
  1. Automatic facial recognition gives you instant readings on a person’s temperature
  2. The smart technology can be used for access control which can be set to allow certain members of staff into restricted areas only, this means you increase security measures across your business whilst removing the need for outdated fobs or key access
  3. The technology is very intelligent with the ability to notice whether a person is wearing a mask or not. The technology can even provide audio to inform a customer that they need to wear a mask before entering or to wait whilst a member of staff will be with them shortly.
  4. Speed and response. The technology can act fast in taking skin-surface temperature, which can be widely applied in multiple scenarios, including but not limited to all corporate enterprises, train stations, factories, schools, campuses and so on.
We know that the UK government is taking all the action it can to support retail and hospitality businesses. The strategy has largely been around the “Eat out to help out” scheme. With this technology, you will be able to remove the added strain on your employee resourcing, reduce customer waiting times and ensure you have all the COVID-19 ready technology. This means, as a business, you will ensure each and every member of staff and customer, is well enough to operate within your business.
How we can save you money:
KFP are supporting businesses with a full managed service offering allowing you to pay one monthly fee (plus installation) for your own device (s) which can be installed in your head offices, retail stores, restaurants or business centres.
Let the Hikvision facial recognition portfolio take away the high resource requirement, time constraints and the time and money it will cost you for one of your staff members to manually take customers’ temperatures.
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