In-Store Technology The Main Factor For Increasing The Number of New Customers

KFP Blog - October 01, 2018
These technologies are all currently being used by some of the leading retailers.
A report published today showed that the use of mobile technology is what helps retailers drive big data and analytics, which can be used to provide more personalised communication to customers, including previous purchasing recommendations, vouchers and sales offers.
In an environment where mass store closure programmes are being implemented for some retailers, this report uncovers how the best retailers are bucking the trend and driving meaningful ROI from their estates.
The report also stated simply how important mobile technology is within retail and in order to join the leading retailers, you need to merge various POS channels including in-store transactions, online sales, and services such as click and collect, giving customers' choice.
Mobile technology is currently being rolled out by a leading console game retailer, who is currently using in-store smartphone scanning features to offer personalised promotions from its app, while a leading footwear and accessories retailer uses order "out-of-stock" products via their app and have them delivered to the customer or the closest store to them.
Mobile POS systems are starting to be used more by leading retailers because they enable for faster checkouts and they also free up time from staff who can go out onto the shop floor.
While these retailers have managed to bring some of the advantages of online to the physical space, there are many more opportunities to transform the in-store journey and convert more sales, particularly around click and collect, location technology and personalisation through mobile.
Two leading food and one luxury fashion retailer use RFID technology for both the shop floor and the warehouse, giving them greater visibility on stock locations. RFID technology has also given retailers the opportunity to locate stock that is running past its sell-by date, improving their wastage.
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