KFP Engineers Complete Petrol Forecourt Training

Company News - June 28, 2024

KFP Total IT Solutions are pleased to announce that our field engineers have obtained their Safety Pass Alliance (SPA) Petrol Retail Passports.

The SPA Petrol Retail Passport is a requirement for all contractors undertaking work on petrol filling stations. This certification teaches health and safety regulations, hazard awareness, emergency procedures and environmental considerations. The course aims to ensure that individuals working on such sites have the necessary health and safety training and knowledge, enabling them to operate legally and responsibly.

The addition of the SPA Petrol Retail Passports opens new avenues for KFP Total IT Solutions. Our engineers are now qualified to undertake a wide range of tasks on petrol forecourts, such as installation and maintenance, upgrades and repairs, and on-site technical support. By broadening our service capabilities, we can better serve our clients in the petrol retail sector, ensuring their operations run smoothly and safely.

With safety at the forefront of everything we do, KFP Total IT Solutions remains your trusted partner for all your IT needs.

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