Making Assets Work Harder

KFP Blog - September 28, 2020

The KFP team have worked tirelessly to simplify our customer's IT lifecycle.

By streamlining the entire lifecycle process, from stock management, stock availability at forward stock locations (FSL’s) and the management of end of life products, we have taken away the burden from our customers and have made it easier to manage stock and availability, which can be viewed with a single pane of glass.

With our ticketing and warehouse systems, we can track and trace IT product availability (via serialisation) to ensure you have the equipment you need, for break-fix services, or planned project works. 

We know that large scale projects require sufficient space in our warehouse, which can be utilised to stage, configure and prepare all your IT hardware, in preparation for installation, this is why KFP is a true market leader with our 16,000 SQFT warehouse facility and award-winning warranty services department.  

We focus on taking away the pain, cost, and time requirement of managing stock at your head office. Our value is that we provide you with a truly end-to-end service that safeguards your stock levels, to guarantee that stock will always be available to support your business, throughout Europe.

Lifecycle Management From KFP   

Lifecycle management from KFP means that you benefit from our specialist expertise, which has managed to help retail and hospitality customers take advantage of best practice standards, industrialised processes and shared resources at key stages of the IT asset lifecycle.

Over the last 20 years, we have removed the cost and complexity of our customer’s hardware management.

Why Lifecycle Management Is Vital To Your Business

KFP’s approach to hardware management is designed to make your life easier and provide a competitive advantage for your business. Having the right technologies, in place, at the right time, ensures your business is able to continually trade, and if you do experience product failure, the KFP team are able to use strategic stock locations to support hardware replacement, repair, and support through a range of SLA’s.

As part of our lifecycle service, when your assets reach the end of their effective usefulness or warranty period, we can give you the option to keep the stock available for break-fix support, or we will happily recycle it via our leading IT recycling partners.

Getting the most out of your IT assets is now more important than ever before. We know that the average life span of a typical EPOS system ranges from 3-5 years (depending on usage) and we are proud to be able to support full maintenance, support and repair as a dedicated service, that will give you the best use of your IT assets.  

Managing the IT Lifecycle  

Our leading teams understand just how important technology is for being able to trade and how downtime will not only cost you money but will also damage your brand and reputation.

With all the demands of hardware, especially for busy flagship stores, your technology can become worn rather quickly. As a result, our tracking of your hardware, helps your business stay productive to ensure you are continually trading with the best assets available in your supply chain. 

Sufficient processes and procedures in our lifecycle management service are key to keeping all your assets updated, so your business can remain as productive and secure as possible. At its core, KFP’s lifecycle management is designed to make maintaining and upgrading your businesses technology easier and more transparent.

With over 20 years of specialist expertise in managing large scale IT lifecycle management, KFP has supported some of the world's largest retail & hospitality brands, ensuring a truly dedicated service to support 1,000’s of IT hardware devices. This longevity has helped us to develop a deep knowledge of how the retail and hospitality industry can make its assets work harder.

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