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KFP Blog - September 04, 2020
EPOS technology today can do remarkable things compared to 20 years ago.
Today's EPOS systems can now track inventory, communicate food orders to restaurant kitchens directly, read coupons, track buyer habits and provide real-time data analytics on customer behaviour.
We know that retail and hospitality businesses need reliable EPOS systems that can easily integrate with other IoT devices and are easy to install, manage and maintain.
Things to consider from modern EPOS systems
  • EPOS systems can easily integrate with various other services and software platforms
  • Features of EPOS software systems vary by industry, such as hospitality and retail, however, the hardware can be used for multiple industries including retail, hospitality & convenience
  • Modern EPOS systems are largely easier to install in comparison to their legacy counterparts
  • Depending on budgets, EPOS devices can vary on price and durability, however, the team at KFP can help you decide which device would work best for you and your retail estate
One of the real benefits of today's advancements in EPOS device technology is that they can be fixed (to the cashwrap) or made available via mobile or tablet, which means they can be used on the shop floor. Today's customer has many different options.
Why KFP?
Many in-house retail and hospitality teams turn to KFP for EPOS installation and technical support, simply because their teams are often stretched for resourcing and in need of the skills and technical knowledge for in-store installation services.
"Many of the top retail & hospitality brands rely on KFP for their expertise and their ability to, get the job done".
At KFP, we know that more advanced EPOS systems may have complex setup requirements, however, we have the proven track record and skills to provide set up as part of our installation service.
Our set up and pre-configuration takes place at our 16,000 SQFT facility in Oxfordshire, UK, and is an essential part of the process for all successful EPOS rollouts. All testing and pre-configuration takes place before EPOS hardware is shipped to site.
Our process is simple but highly effective
As part of our dedicated service, we support you from procurement through to post-installation. By acting as an extension of your IT operation, our dedicated team provide you with a range of suitable installation dates which are managed by our leading IT project management team.

As part of our EPOS installation process, we recommend you choose an EPOS system that provides you with the essential technology that fits your requirements. This could mean selecting a device that's durable enough to withstand a constant stream of customers most identifiable with fast-food restaurants. 

How different industries use EPOS systems

What makes KFP truly different is that we will only ever supply EPOS systems from the world's leading manufacturers. Our leading EPOS partners, most notably HP and Toshiba, can be used in multiple environments including RetailHospitality and Convenience. 

All the key service industries (Retail, Hospitality & Convenience) all use EPOS systems through their estates to deliver safe and secure payment from customers. Across all these verticals, we know that Toshiba and HP account for over 50% of the global EPOS market, which is why they are considered the best of the best. 

Due to our 20 years' experience in both retail and hospitality, we know that our customers' main concern, is reliability.

When an EPOS system is installed or needs replacing, reliability is where KFP come in.

As the partner of choice for the retail and hospitality industry, we can provide our customers with multiple layers of support from a 4 hour8 hour or next business day SLA. It's our mission to ensure retailers and hospitality businesses are able to trade at all times.  

Technical Support Post-Installation 

Once we have successfully installed your EPOS hardware, we are able to provide you with a range of helpdesk support services that are bespoke to your business. We currently support the world's leading brands with our Helpdesk technical support services and pride ourselves on keeping you trading, at all times. 

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