Tablet POS: Can Tablets Be The Answer For Retail Store's Looking To Reduce Waiting Times?

KFP Blog - May 28, 2019
Many studies report that due to queuing and wait times, customers, and sales, have been lost. Queuing for too long in-store leads to a negative customer experience, and this could leave a lasting impression that will deter that customer from returning to your store in the future.
Could the introduction of tablet & Ipad payment solutions be the answer to retaining your customers?
There is currently only a small percentage of retail customers who say they no longer shop in-store, this is roughly around (3%).
Whilst there is still a large portion of the UK population that still shop in-store, retailers can utilise this number of customers by offering a better customer experience. The customer journey from entering your retail store, to making a purchase the experience must be seamless.
From as far back as 2008, retail customers experienced the start of self-service technology, which included Ipads and self-service kiosks. With this in mind and the growing need for more self-service technology, self-service iPad technology can be the answer for giving customers more control and reducing the reliance on manned checkouts for all point-of-sale.
The technology is fast, efficient and provides a quicker shopping duration for a customer in a rush.
Many retailers are already using Ipads for POS as the device can be integrated with a range of POS software and payment applications. But more so Ipads are being used by retailers to supply customers with information such as a digital catalogue or as a promotional display.
Hospitals have already moved towards the tablet and digital patient check-in allowing clinicians, doctors and medical staff to free up time to focus on patients. Should retailers follow suit.
Some retailers want to target certain age groups for their brand. Targeting millennials (aged 23 - 38) is a key focus for retailers looking to maximise their brand exposure and to market to those customers earning higher salaries. This generation grew up with this technology and can relate to it the most.
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