The Ideal POS System For Your Retail & Hospitality Business

KFP Blog - November 04, 2019
Whether you're in Hospitality or Retail, we can provide you with a complete retail Toshiba POS solution with full installation services, technical support and peripherals, giving you the complete rollout solution.
Highlights of the Toshiba T10:
  • Compact all-in-one solution
  • Primary 15’’ 4:3 PCT display easily adjusts with lay-flat mechanics
  • Dual Display option
  • Modular system board can be upgraded in the future as technology changes
  • Multiple dedicated POS ports including USB, RS232 and cash drawer

All Toshiba POS systems are retail optimised to provide substantial performance, easy maintenance and positive operational impact based on an open platform designed to run seamlessly with peripherals.

It's no secret that the T-10 is a great solution and as a Toshiba Gold and Authorised Service Partner, you can rest assured your dealing with a leading Retail IT Provider.
As a Toshiba Gold Partner, we have achieved high levels of education across the entire Toshiba portfolio.
We have an established and long-term working relationship with Toshiba built over many years of working in the Together Commerce Alliance program. We work with Toshiba to promote the combined partnership and provide retailers with a truly leading POS solution, all for retail and hospitality.
Click here to find out what it means to be a Toshiba Gold Partner.
As a Toshiba Authorised Service Partner, we are able to provide full warranty and services and maintenance across the Toshiba Portfolio.
If you are interested in sourcing the latest Toshiba hardware for your retail or Hospitality business then why not speak with one of the team today?
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