Working With Zebra To Provide The Latest Printing And Scanning Technology

KFP Blog - September 27, 2018
We believe that in order for retailers to run an efficient retail operation, it's vital that they have the right technology that enables them to achieve this. Printing and scanning technology that limits disruption, is accurate and can be relied upon and from the shop floor to the warehouse.

Retail Printing

Reliable printing is crucial for all retailers, whether you're a retailer with 40 or 4,000 stores, ensuring you can print, stock reports, coupons and customer receipts, is imperative and must be hassle free!
KFP has an established partnership with Zebra, therefore we can provide you with the complete portfolio of printer and scanning technology for your retail operation. KFP will provide all the installation, servicing, break-fix and full-service support.

Retail Scanning

As well as printing, you also need reliable scanning technology that enables you to keep checkout lines short and customers happy.
Reliable scanners will allow you to capture all the necessary information from scanning stock in the warehouse, through to the transaction at point-of-sale. We can provide you with fast, accurate and reliable scanners, that will capture the barcode data, in minimal time, with no errors. That’s why every scanner that Zebra engineers is purposefully built to make retailers much more efficient.
Fast. Accurate. Durable.